EuroMillions Statistics




The Euromillions online lottery has gained immense popularity worldwide, captivating the imagination of millions of players with its colossal jackpots and life-changing prizes. This transnational lottery has transformed the way people participate in lotteries, offering an exciting online platform that transcends geographical boundaries.


Understanding the Euromillions Lottery

Euromillions is a lottery played across several European countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Switzerland. Launched in 2004, the game quickly became renowned for its massive jackpots and captivating gameplay. The lottery draws take place every Tuesday and Friday evening in Paris, France.


Odds of Winning the Euromillions Lottery

As with any lottery, the odds of winning the Euromillions jackpot are relatively slim. However, this does not deter millions of players from trying their luck every week. To win the jackpot, players must match all five main numbers (ranging from 1 to 50) and two Lucky Star numbers (ranging from 1 to 12). The probability of achieving this feat stands at approximately 1 in 139 million.

Although the jackpot odds may seem discouraging, it's worth noting that Euromillions offers an array of secondary prizes. Matching fewer numbers can still result in substantial winnings, depending on the prize tier. These secondary prizes provide additional opportunities for players to celebrate a financial windfall.


Record-Breaking Jackpots

Euromillions has garnered international attention for its mind-boggling jackpots, capable of transforming ordinary lives into extraordinary tales of wealth. Some of the largest Euromillions jackpots in history have reached astonishing figures, attracting hopeful players from around the globe.

The highest recorded Euromillions jackpot to date was a staggering €210 million. This remarkable prize was won by a lucky ticket holder from Switzerland in February 2021. Prior to this, the record stood at €190 million, which was achieved on four separate occasions. These enormous jackpots demonstrate the immense potential for life-altering winnings in the Euromillions lottery.


Frequency of Jackpots

While the allure of multi-million euro jackpots entices countless players, it's essential to understand the frequency at which these jackpots are won. The Euromillions lottery employs a rollover mechanism, which means that if the jackpot is not claimed in a particular draw, it accumulates and rolls over to the next one. This mechanism allows for colossal jackpots to be built up over time.

Due to the high level of participation and the popularity of the lottery, Euromillions has seen a considerable number of jackpot rollovers. However, it's worth noting that the jackpot cap is set at €200 million. Once the cap is reached, any additional prize money rolls down to the next prize tier, increasing the chances of significant winnings for players who match fewer numbers.


Winning Numbers Analysis

Analyzing the winning numbers of the Euromillions lottery can offer insights into patterns and trends that may assist players in making informed choices. Over the years, several numbers have appeared more frequently than others, while some numbers have been less fortunate.

The most frequently drawn main numbers in the Euromillions lottery since its inception are 50, 44, 4, 19, and 23. On the other hand, the most frequently drawn Lucky Star numbers are 11 and 12. While these patterns may not guarantee a win, they provide an interesting glimpse into the historical data of the lottery.


Playing Euromillions Online

One of the significant advancements in recent years has been the introduction of online platforms for participating in the Euromillions lottery. This convenient option allows players to enter the draw without being physically present in one of the participating countries. It has greatly contributed to the global popularity of the lottery, as players from various corners of the world can now join in the excitement and anticipation of the Euromillions jackpot.



The Euromillions online lottery has established itself as one of the most captivating and rewarding lottery games in the world. The statistics surrounding the Euromillions lottery highlight both the incredible odds of winning the jackpot and the astonishing prizes that have been awarded to lucky players. While winning the jackpot may be a monumental challenge, the secondary prize tiers provide substantial opportunities for financial gain. By analyzing past winning numbers and making use of online platforms, players can enhance their lottery experience and maximize their chances of success. So, why not try your luck and embark on a thrilling journey of dreams and possibilities with the Euromillions online lottery?